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Products and components – make your decision. No matter which spare parts you need, we provide Genuine OEM products, high-quality products & replacements.

Mechanical Products & Compobnents

  • Turbine Segments and heat shields, brick holders, Nozzles, Buckets, Rotor & Stator Blades and Vanes, Locking blades, Shroud blocks, Baskets, Supporting piece & all associated spare parts for Steam, Gas & Wind turbines.
  • Burners, Combustion Chambers, Fixings, Refractory Bricks and holders, Transition pieces, Combustion Liners, Tubes and Baskets.
  • Spare parts for HP, LP, Stop & Reheat bypass valves & Actuators, Inconel Bolts, Nuts & Springs, Discs, Pins, Expansion screws and coupling bolts.
  • Spare parts for Generators, Non-Magnetic Retaining rings, Insulation parts & Materials.
  • All kind of Couplings (gear couplings, tooth couplings, Hydraulic couplings, bending and flexible couplings, Flexible disc membrane coupling, clutches).
  • Any kind of bearing & Housing (SKF, FAG, INA, NSK, FAFNIR, Luk, RHP, TIMKEN, etc.). Gear boxes, Speed accelerators and reducers, Journal & Trust Bearings.
  • Valves, Actuators and Fittings (ball, shut-off, tapered plug, diaphragm, gate, safety, control, check, globe, butterfly, magnetic, Solenoid, Servo valves), flanges.
  • Pumps, Compressors, Chillers and relative spare parts.
  • Spare parts for Boilers/Heat Exchangers. Tubes & formed pipes, Seamless Tubes, Fin tubes, Basket elements for Air Preheaters , Metal Sheets, Coils, Wires, Plates and profiles (Super alloys).
  • Spare parts for Wind turbines Type Vestas V47 (660KW)
  • Expansion joints for Power industries.

Electrical & Control products

  • Circuit boards (Analog & Digital cards), DCS Modules, Spare boards for control & automation systems, 1~ 8 layers Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), Data acquisitions & Data-loggers, Monitoring & control systems, Retrofitting of old control systems type GE Speedtronic Mark I, Mark II , Siemens SIMATIC S5 & Siemens SICOMP M/R minicomputers.
  • Spare parts for Siemens SIMATIC S5/S7, Siemens Iskamatic,Siemens Simadyn, Siemens Teleperm C/M/ME/XP, Siemens Simatic C1/C2, H&B Contronic, ABB Bailey Infi 90, BBC Procontrol P13 and Decontic systems, GE Speedtronic Speedtronic Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV, Mark V, Mark VI, Mark VIe Control Cards.
  • Power supplies, UPS, Transformers, Transducers, Actuators, Motors & Drives (AC/DC), Vibrating motor, Soft Starters, Frequency inverters, HMI, Industrial Monitors, TFT & LCD for recorders, Relays, Fuses, Contacts & Circuit Breakers.
  • LV & HV Cables, Wires, Flexible connectors.


  • Thermocouples & thermometers (TC & RTD), Flame scanners & spark plugs, Differential pressure transmitters, Pressure switches and gauges, Temperature gauges, Level indicators, Analog & digital counters , Paperless recorders, transmitters.
  • Sensors (Speed, Light, displacement, temperature, Weight, humidity, moisture, vibration, pressure, sound), Positioners, Gas probes, Gas & Water Analyzers, Gas Flow meters, Non-contact magnetic sensors (Customizable according to sample or drawing).
  • Spare parts for fire-fighting and extinguish systems. Beam detectors, Gas, smoke, heat, fire detectors, Electric sounder, call points, Mini disc and control modules.
  • Semi-Conductors, diodes, limit switches, Micro Switches, proximity switch, Coils, Timers, Amplifiers, Converters, burner lamps, Fans.
  • Vibro-meter / Meggit Vibration Monitoring, Sensing systems and spare parts (TQ Sensors, Power supply units, Machinery protection cards MPC,Input/output/Relay Cards, Galvanic separations, Accelerometers, amplifiers, Proximity sensors, IQS conditioners etc.)

Gas turbines

Support and maintain extensive inventory of new and upgraded parts for turbines mechanical parts, Electrical Parts, Instruments& control parts for turbines;

  • GE LM1500 , GE LM1600-SAC / DLE , GE LM2500- SAC / + / +DLE / + G4 , GE LM5000 , GE LM6000–PA / PB/ PC / PD / PH
  • GE Frame Frame 3 , GE Frame 5–L / LA / R / RA / N / P / PA / 5001 / 5002 , Frame 6 B / FA , GE Frame 7 , GE Frame 9 –B / E / FA
  • Rolls Royce – Avon gas turbine
  • Solar gas turbine
  • Siemens gas turbine
  • Alstom gas turbine
  • Nuovo Pignone gas turbine/Compressors
  • Westinghouse gas turbine
  • Ruston gas turbine.
  • Manturbo gas turbine
  • Sulzer gas turbine
Support GE Speedtronic control systems and Excitation systems in terms of supply, repair and field services.
Apart from GE, we also supply spares for PLC, DCS and Vibration monitoring systems for brands like Allen Bradley, Siemens, Bentley Nevada, ABB, GE Nuovo Pignone, Woodward, GE Fanuc, Honeywell, Foxboro etc.
We have been supplying spares for GE Mk VI, Mk VIe, Ex 2000, EX 2100, Allen Bradley RSlogix, Control Logix, Compact Logix, Bentley Nevada 3300 & 3500 Vibration monitoring system, Siemens PCS 6, PCS 7 to power plants.

A complete offering of parts is available, ranging from

  • Fuel Nozzles
  • Blades & Vanes
  • Filters: Hydraulic, Air & Lube Oil
  • Cables: Electrical & Sensor Actuators
  • Valves: Fuel, Water, Bleed, Thrust Balance & Solenoid
  • Pumps: On & Off Engine
  • VSV & VG Controllers
  • Fire Systems
  • Tooling
  • Hot Section Components
  • Probes: T5.4, T4.8 & Speed
  • Chip Detectors
  • Control Module/Cards
  • Sensors
  • Accelerometers
  • Thermocouples
  • Clutches & Starters
  • Switches
  • Temperature Transmitters
  • Water Wash Systems
  • Hoses: On & Off Engine
  • Complete Engines